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Posted on March 11, 2012 at 12:30 AM

I'm currently considering a full rewrite of Warship. The current version is large, clunky, and will never be finished as a practical game. I was considering abandoning the project completely, but upon reflection I already have a huge chunk of background (including something around 60 ship designs) invested in the concept, so I think I might try and salvage it instead.

Among other things, cheif priority for salvage will be to transition the game into a much faster playing tabletop-minitures-style game from its current overly complex hex-grid based system (or significantly overhauling the hex-grid system). I like the story, I like the background and universe, and I like the concepts.. it just doesn't work well as a playable game as it has gotten overly complex, despite the simplified V4 manual rewrite.

The other task I'm working on is overhauling all of the LEGO models used to create the starships in the game. The originals are decent but they have some building flaws (as in they're not all physically buildable using LEGO). The newer models look a little better and will fit with the Warfleet canon better.

I will be looking into this in the future.

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