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TacTeam is a new solo game I'm developing that is currently in the prototyping and playtesting stage. TacTeam allows the player to take control of a team of counter-terrorist operatives.

Before each mission the player can outfight his team members with a variety of weapons and equipment for different tactics (quite missions with suppressed weapons? Brute force with assault rifles and explosives?) and a variety of missions.

TacTeam was inspired by the tactical shooter Raven Shield, as well as Dan Ender's free PnP game Sneaking Mission -Solo. Maps for TacTeam are randomly generated either as you play or beforehand. Missions include rescuing hostages, disarming explosives, and gathering intelligence. 

Update 2016-07-19

I haven't done much work on this game (Ok, I haven't done any...) in quite some time. I'm considering picking up some symbol sets for CC3 to make proper tiles for this game and finishing it up. Another one of my "Not dead yet, but almost!" projects.