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    VectorFleet is a game of starship combat. Each player takes command of one or more starships to accomplish his or her mission goals. This might be to destroy the enemy fleet, scan a secret installation, or steal an enemy freighter!

    VectorFleet was inspired by other fast-paced, rules-light starship games. This one however is slightly more complex, as it allows players to play with different objectives and use their ships for more than just blowing up the enemy!

    Virtually any number of players can play at once, commanding almost any number of ships. To keep the game manageable though players should be limited to three or four ships each.

    Why is it called VectorFleet? Simple! Practically all of the graphics used in the game were drawn in Inkscape -a vector rendering program. VectorFleet is a fairly light game as they go, the manual comes in at about 5 pages.

    The current version of the game consists of 4 starmaps and 9 unique starships. This game hasn't been thoughly playtested, so if you're interested in testing it out let me know what you think!



 Statcard for a VectorFleet Korev Battlecruiser

    You can download VectorFleet here (755 kb .zip). The .zip contains the manual, 9 starship statcards with counters, 4 starmaps, the manual, scenario guide, and reference card.