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Warfleet: New Era

     It's mid 2282, two and a half years since the end of the War of Independence. The outer colonies have just formed the Independent Alliance and face the struggles of establishing a new government. The United Colonial Overwatch, led by the governments of the core worlds, has been defeated on the battlefield and severed from its material lifeline and is now in economic and social chaos. Adding to the struggle are the numerous pirate bands that have grown strong in the seven-year war and ensuing chaos thereafter. The future of mankind is uncertain. Two governments sit on the brink of total collapse.

     Welcome to the Warfleet website. This website acts as a hub for all the information related to the Warfleet game and universe. Warfleet is a richly detailed game of starship combat played on a hexagonal grid, using box-models and counters to represent starships, asteroids, fighters, mines, space stations, and just about anything else. Representations of each vessel have been constructed out of LEGO bricks and are shown on the website, along with related material to add depth to the universe.

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