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About the Warfleet game

     Warfleet is a game of starship combat in the ten years spanning 2272 to 2282. The game is an original universe supplement to Majestic 12 Games' Starmada, and requires a copy of the Starmada rulebook to play. It is played on large (tabletop size) grid consisting of 1.5” hexagons. Box-models are used to represent most starships and stations, and counters or markers are used to represent other types of units and terrain (such as ordinance, asteroids, and mines). The game is ideally played with between 2 and 6 players, but could be played with more. It is designed to represent combat between small groups of starships (3-8 per side), but is capable of battles of almost any scale..

Supplement Features:

-Over 20 classes of starships, stations, and ordinance are represented using the flexible Starmada system.

-In depth background. Over 200 years of history sets the background for Warfleet -New Era. A constantly evolving and changing universe will gradually add new ships, technology, and history to provide a large amount of richly detailed content as a setting for scenarios.


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