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Warfleet News - 8 August 2012

Note: All news from this point forward is added to the front-page blog.    


     Not much to add here. I've decided to move the Warfleet game to the Starmada system. This has many advantages with only a couple of disadvantages. The system is highly customizable so I will be able to accomplish what I want without really sacrificing anything, although the game may end up playing slightly different than originally envisioned.

     The main disadvantage is that anyone who wants to play Warfleet will have to purchase Starmada from Majestic Games. It's pretty cheap and well worth it IMO... I just won't meet my end goal of having Warfleet as a completely free game.

     In the meantime I'm working on the Warfleet cannon some more. I want to fill out the backstory a bit more and add specific events and timelines to the game. Also quite a bit of the technology is changing and being updated for the Starmada revision. Stay tuned!

Warfleet News - 6 April 2012

     Most starship images have been removed, as I'm re-doing the models and a good chunk of the technical cannon. It's quite in flux so there will be no point in uploading images until R5 has progressed to a much cleaner state.

     I've also decided to integrate the ships I created for 'L2' into the Warfleet revision. The scale is about the same and since I don't have any usable background for L2 it makes a degree of sense. In actual fact, I'm using more of the resources from L2 as far as game mechanics are concerned for Warfleet... so perhaps it's more of an integration of Warfleet into L2 :p

     Either way, I like the way Revision 5 is progressing. So far much cleaner, simpler, and more interesting. The Galactic Map has been updated and expanded significantly, and some of the background story and technology has changed to make a far more interesting universe (and more interesting board game as well!)

     Minor Update 07 April

     Considering using Starmada by Majestic 12 Games as a base for Warfleet instead of inventing everything from scratch. Still weighing pros and cons -I'd prefer not to restrict any potential players to only those who have purchasedStarmada, and it rather defeats the purpose of me designing a game from scratch. Will toy with the idea.

Warfleet News - 18 March 2012

     Started a complete, 100% revision of Warfleet. Basically I'll be sticking with same canon and some of the same concepts used in the game, but overall the game will be re-written from the ground up.

      Among the changes are larger ship models. This lets me incorporate more detail into each model, which translates in a more diverse equipment range on the ships themselves. Technically I could just "make up" the stats, but I think it's far more interesting when everything is physically attached to the model. The disadvantage is that these models take significantly longer to construct. I think the payoff is worth it though.

Warfleet News -13 June 2010

     Work on this game is not dead. I know... hard to believe. For the next little bit I'll be focusing on this website. The information here was copied from the old Warfleet website, and a lot of it is out of date (in some cases by more than two years). I'll be concentrating on updating it.

      I think at this point the damage allocation system is pretty good, now I need to work on maneuver and movement rules. I've unfortunately  bogged the game down so much that it's not particularly playable the way I envisioned it anymore. Actually, it's not all that playable at all. The movement system is the primary culprit, so it will be getting an overhaul. I might also look at some of the other rules -especially those related to ordinance and attack craft- and consider overhauling them as well. There's a few other things that will need modifying, too. All this will be looked at in the coming future. 

     Until then, this game will be 'done when it's done'.