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The Warfleet: New Era Game Supplement

       This is where I will post all the available downloads for the Warfleet game once it is complete. The game is not yet in a releasable state. However, as it nears completion, I am developing a more cohesive package to release the game in (instead of the 20+ individual documents it's currently contained in!).

       The Warfleet: New Era game is broken down into several documents:

Manual: The manual contains all of the game rules required to simulate starship battles in the Warfleet universe.

Game Components:
Not technically a manual, 'Ships' is a collection of all of the ship system cards used to record damage as well as the box-models, counters, and map sheets.

Campaign Brief: The Campaign Briefing contains all of the information necessary to play a campaign game with Warfleet, including scenarios and rules for repairing starships in fleet slips.

Intelligence Brief: The intelligence brief contains a significant amount of background information on the Warfleet universe, including historical records, intelligence reports, and fleet tactics.

Ship Codex: A document with pictures, stats, and a brief description of each starship and station in Warfleet.


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