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Governments of Warfleet

Interstellar Borders

Traditionally inhabited space has been defined by the "inner colonies" and "outer colonies", and those worlds and outposts that support them. The terms 'inner' and 'outer' as applied to Earth's colonies actually have little to do with their physical distance from Earth and instead refers to the centralization of control, whether it is from the core systems (Sol, Abraxus, Barnard's Star and Tau Ceti) or more independently controlled. 

Systems that were colonized via direct sponsor from the EED or UCO and are maintained within that Government's sphere of control are considered the inner colonies. These systems were colonized early on in human space exploration and thus tend to be closer to Earth and the other core systems.

The systems that were colonized later from largely private ventures, such as Capella and Aldebaran, had little Government involvement in their initial inception and thus were considered external to core world control. These colonies were referred to as the "outer colonies".

Well established colonies sometimes colonized other words (a process the UCO referred to as "chain colonization"). These daughter colonies are listed as systems "external" to either the UCO or IA, as they are external to that Government's core systems even though they are a part of the overall political body.

Many independent colonies also exist. These systems are generally corporate controlled and are self-governed, although some such as the Tau, Hyades and Sigma systems formed loose co-operative frameworks in order to assert their neutrality during the War of Independence. Some neutral systems close to the inner and outer colonies were key focal points during both the Resource War and the War of Independence. 


The United Colonial Overwatch

       The UCO is a large interstellar government created in 2120 as a means to exert more control over the now independent outer colonies. It is led by the four major powers of the inner worlds -Sol, Abraxus, Barnard's Star and Tau Ceti. The UCO handles all aspects of political, economical, and military policy within the inner colonies.
       After the War of Independence the UCO found itself without easy access to many of the vital resources available from the outer colonies. As a countermeasure, the UCO began a massive restructuring of manufacturing and resource management. While the program is necessary for continued survival the costs are excessive and the overall wealth of the UCO has been decreasing at a slow but steady pace, creating unrest in the population and uncertainty about the UCO's long term survival.

The Earth Expeditionary Force

       The EEF makes up the majority of the UCO Navy. It handles missions that take place 10 light-years or more from Earth, including the recent war with the outer colonies. The War of Independence left the navy weakened, forcing the IPF to take charge of pirate interdiction within UCO territory.
       EEF patrol groups still probe Alliance space at regular intervals. While the EEF is under orders not to squander resources, patrol group commanders will often strike at CA patrols when the odds are good.

The Internal Police Force

       The IPF is in charge of pirate interdiction within the UCO. Before the War of Independence the IPF primarily policed trade lanes and convoy routes, but has since found itself hunting down large pirate bands on a regular basis. While the IPF maintains a large number of ships, none are powerful enough to fight head-to-head to some of the more powerful pirate cruisers.

The Capellan Alliance

       Officially formed in 2281, the Alliance is still working out government policy and practice. They have been through only one election since formed shortly after the War of Independence. Top priority for the government is dealing with the rampant pirate attacks on trade convoys and the continued threat of UCO attack. The government head sits on the sixth planet of the Capella and is made up of an equal number of representatives from each member colony.

Unified Alliance Navy

       The UAN was formed by the Alliance as a means to control all of the navies of the independent member colonies. While the EEF is numerically superior, the UAN is made up of typically newer and better built ships. During the War of Independence, inexperienced EEF commanders often made the mistake of assuming an equal-sized ship was equally matched. Some UAN ship designs contain new, innovative technology giving them better speed, protection, and/or handling in a battle.
       Currently no pirate bands have been sighted with UAN ships, but most navy commanders speculate it is only a matter of time before they get their hands on them.


The Tau-Hyades Cluster

     Before the War of Independence the systems in the Hyades cluster (Tau-58, Tau-70, and Primus Hyadem) were left largely to their own devices. When open war began the Hyades systems feared they would lose their autonomy (and economic independence) to either the UCO or Alliance, who were both in need of raw and refined materials, shipbuilding capacity, and other manufactories. The Hyades Cluster decided to guarantee its neutrality through military arms and embarked on a rapid warship design and development program. The Tau Navy managed to commission a dozen vessels by 2274, and by 2279 had enough ships to patrol all three of the main Tau systems.

     Ironically enough, it was organized raider groups -not the UCO or CA- that tried to exert dominance over the Hyades Cluster during the war, and even into the 2280's piracy is a significant problem in the Hyades Cluster and the small navy spends most of its time on anti-piracy patrols.




An older EEF Agreppa-class cruiser on patrol.


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